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Realignment Therapy for Your Spine

Our providers are experts in treating misalignment from segmental dysfunction. We have an extensively trained and formally experienced team of pain management specialists in Frisco. We utilize advanced techniques to help alleviate any forms of spinal dysfunctions you or your family may be suffering from.

Symptoms of having misaligned spinal vertebrae may vary, but include:

  • Poor posture
  • Abrupt muscle spasms around the neck or back region where the affected vertebrae are located
  • Acute, sharp pain that may travel further along the spine
  • Restricted motion or stiffness in the cervical region
  • Emergence of trigger points
  • Onset numbness or tingling sensation

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What is Segmental Dysfunction?

Segmental dysfunction is a chiropractic term for a localized misalignment or incorrect movement of one of your vertebrae. These spinal segmental dysfunctions can be cervical (from the neck), thoracic (mid-back), or located in the lower back (lumbosacral).

They can result from improper posture, poor sleeping positioning, repetitive movements, car accidents, abrupt trauma, and even simple displacement due to working out your back through the years.

Constrictions from surrounding muscles and ligaments can also exacerbate the situation and increase the pain you feel. The misalignment of the specific vertebrae induces pressure and stress on the spinal nerves, adjacent muscles, and blood vessels surrounding the affected joint.

Types of Treatment Available

Rarely does a segmental dysfunction require the need for surgery, but otherwise, the treatments we offer to help alleviate your discomfort include:

  • Osteopathic manual therapy - to realign and manipulate the affected or weakened soft tissues via trigger point releases, along with muscular exercise techniques to strengthen and stretch out the restricted regions.
  • Medications - are not recommended following manual treatment, but if needed, NSAIDs like Ibuprofen for swelling and acetaminophen drugs can be recommended for minor pain relief. If the severity of your pain will not withstand these aforementioned types of medications, muscle relaxants are also a possible option for more sedative effects to the body, but remember it is always best to have your body heal by itself as much as it possibly can for overall enhanced wellness.

We are ready to treat your spine alignment without needing the use of surgical procedures for the safest and most minimally invasive process. Rest assured you’ll be in the hands of great care because manual hand therapy is what we do best!

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Welcoming, friendly and an overall great experience

K.W. Google

Kind caring and compassionit health care they make it possible for me to be able to work thank you guys

R.H. Google

Everyone is exceptional I could find a clinic closer to home I drive 60miles one way to use them

J.B. Google

I really appriciate the friendly welcome I get when I come into your office. I appriciate my medical needs you all provide for my well being. I am so satisfied with the speed of your service you provide for me and so Thankful for helping me get thru my daily activities. The front desk, the nurses, and Ms. Erica Spicer are all top notch to me. Thank you!

R.M. Google

I had my first steroid injection in my back since last March. So far so good. The best part of this experience today, by far, was the nurse anesthetist. Her bedside manner and attention to detail were top notch.

A.L. Google


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