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What Is Radiofrequency Ablation?

At Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine, Dr. Jerry Lewis performs radiofrequency ablation procedures to help relieve patients of their chronic pain when they have not received relief from previous treatments.

Radiofrequency ablation treats chronic pain by using an electric current to heat the nerve and prevent it from sending pain signals to the brain. This procedure can help manage chronic pain occurring in the back. Typically, the nerve that is treated is attached to a spinal joint that has been determined as the cause of back pain, but radiofrequency ablation can also be used to treat pain in the neck, knees, pelvis, hands, and feet.

If you are experiencing chronic pain and can't find relief with other forms of treatment, contact us to schedule a consultation with our Frisco & Irving pain specialist, Dr. Jerry Lewis.

At Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine, our Frisco, TX patients who suffer from chronic pain gain many great benefits from radiofrequency ablation, such as:

  • Quick recovery with little to no downtime needed
  • Reduced reliance on oral pain or anti-inflammatory medications
  • Relief for up to 2 years from your chronic condition
  • Ability to return to a more pain-free and happier lifestyle

Am I an Ideal Candidate?

Typically, a candidate will need to have a successful diagnostic procedure such as a nerve block, to ensure the correct source of the pain is being treated. Radiofrequency ablation is most often not the first form of treatment for chronic pain. Dr. Lewis may first recommend physical therapy or other noninvasive treatments before suggesting this procedure.

When other treatments have failed to manage your pain, radiofrequency ablation may be the next best course of action. Dr. Lewis provides this procedure to allow pain relief for his patients experiencing chronic pain.

To learn more about pain relief with radiofrequency ablation, call our office today.

How Radiofrequency Ablation Works

Dr. Lewis will begin by inserting a needle into the area of pain using a fluoroscope x-ray. Through the needle, he will insert the microelectrode and deliver the radiofrequency current to heat the nerve tissue. The heat from the microelectrode burns the nerve to destroy the pain signals.

Several nerves can be treated within one treatment session. The amount of time it takes for the patient to feel pain relief following their procedure may vary depending on the treatment location.

Patients should be able to go home on the same day or the next day. A follow-up appointment with Dr. Lewis may be required so that he can adjust your treatment plan as needed. The procedure results can last anywhere from several months to two years, but the procedure can be repeated as a treatment if it's found effective for the patient.

Super professionals!!! I have been with Dr. Lewis' & his staff for many years. My experience with them is second to none - A-1 practice!!!!

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Loved all the staff. The gentleman I spoke the most with was extremely thorough answering any questions I had as well as one of the other staff members I spoke with to review what Dr. Lewis prescribed. I highly recommend Lewis Pain Clinic. Also, they get you in and out. There wasn’t any waiting around for hours.

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The staff remains exceptional. I have been a patient here for almost 3 years and have never had a bad experience. Erica (the RNP) listens carefully to address any concerns I might have. As a retired RN, I’m pretty fussy as to who I let take care of me. I can honestly “highly recommend” this group for pain management.

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Everyone is kind and happy to help! They’re ALWAYS on time or early which is a great relief! It feels good to be heard, taken seriously and have it understood that my time is just as valuable!

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The entire staff is absolutely amazing! They truly care about you and try to make sure you’re taken care of!

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After your radiofrequency ablation treatment at Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine, you should expect to experience pain relief at the area of treatment. Some of our Frisco, TX patients experience near-immediate relief, while others do not have any change for the first 7 — 10 days. After your initial release from pain, the results of RF ablation are long-lasting and should provide you with results for anywhere from 6 — 12 months. Contact your provider to find out more about the length of results and potential for touch-up treatments.

Diminish Chronic Pain

When other treatments have failed to manage your pain, radiofrequency ablation may be the next best course of action. Dr. Lewis provides this procedure to allow pain relief for his patients experiencing chronic pain. To learn more about pain relief with radiofrequency ablation, contact our Frisco, TX office to schedule your consultation.

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Does it hurt?
Radiofrequency ablation shouldn't cause you any long-lasting discomfort. You may notice a sunburn-like rash or irritation near the site of treatment. At Lewis Pain & Physical Management, we recommend using ice packs and oral anti-inflammatories until your discomfort is gone completely.
Does radiofrequency ablation work?
According to a few studies that have been published, there is a high success rate for radiofrequency ablation procedures. Between 70 — 80 percent of individuals who receive this treatment report significant decreases in their pain levels. The procedure can always be repeated when the effects begin to wane.
How long does the procedure take?

Radiofrequency ablations are relatively quick procedures. Our Frisco, TX patients who have undergone this procedure generally take from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the treatment location and severity. If you have other questions regarding the procedure, contact our office.

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