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About Trigger Points

A trigger point is a “knot” in the muscle or a spot of sensitivity in the tissue surrounding the muscle. These areas can cause significant muscle cramps, which can lead to pain in the neck, back, and other areas of the body. At Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine, Dr. Jerry Lewis provides trigger point injection therapy for patients who are experiencing pain related to tight muscles. A trigger point injection involves injecting a combination of an anesthetic and a cortisone steroid into the trigger point. This works to diminish pain and make the trigger point inactive. Contact our Frisco, TX office to learn more about trigger point injections and how they can relieve muscle pain.

Suffering from ongoing pain due to knots in your muscle at your trigger points does not have to dictate your life. At Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine, trigger point injections help give our patients a number of benefits, including:

  • Long-sought after pain relief
  • Targeted treatment for small, hard-to-access pain points
  • Allow you to return to activity and lifestyle that you may have avoided
  • Freedom from chronic pain and discomfort

Ideal Candidates for Trigger Point Injections

Trigger points can be caused by overuse of the muscle, injury, and trauma. They can also be due to a chronic condition, such as fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndrome. In some cases, trigger points may occur in the form of tension headaches, tinnitus, temporomandibular joint pain, decreased range of motion, and low back pain. Dr. Lewis may first suggest physical therapy or other forms of less invasive treatment for minor trigger points or as an initial treatment option before suggesting trigger point injections.

Procedure Technique

Dr. Lewis performs trigger point injections as an in-office procedure. The entire procedure only takes a few minutes and several areas can be treated in one visit. Dr. Lewis may mark the area being treated before injecting the anesthetic and cortisone steroid medication into the affected areas. Patients should be able to leave the office directly following their treatment.

What to Expect after Trigger Point Injections

Patients can expect to feel pain relief shortly after the injections because of the anesthetic. In many cases, only a one-time injection procedure can help resolve a trigger point. However, if the trigger point was caused by a chronic condition, regular injections may be required to maintain results. Dr. Lewis will work with you to create an appropriate treatment plan that can be the most effective for your specific condition.

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Kind caring and compassionit health care they make it possible for me to be able to work thank you guys

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Everyone is exceptional I could find a clinic closer to home I drive 60miles one way to use them

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I really appriciate the friendly welcome I get when I come into your office. I appriciate my medical needs you all provide for my well being. I am so satisfied with the speed of your service you provide for me and so Thankful for helping me get thru my daily activities. The front desk, the nurses, and Ms. Erica Spicer are all top notch to me. Thank you!

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I had my first steroid injection in my back since last March. So far so good. The best part of this experience today, by far, was the nurse anesthetist. Her bedside manner and attention to detail were top notch.

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Recognize Pain Relief

Trigger points can occur for many reasons and they can cause significant muscle pain. At Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine, Dr. Lewis provides trigger point injections to treat and help eliminate the pain that this issue causes. To learn more about pain relief with trigger point injections, contact our Frisco, TX office to schedule your consultation today.

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How painful will these injections be?
Trigger point injections can create discomfort as the needle interacts with the affected tissues and nerves. Some patients report a warming sensation or feeling a crunching effect from the needle. The knot will be massaged by your provider following the injection to help smooth out any tension and to distribute the injection evenly.
How long will the injections last?
Most patients experience up to 30 days of pain relief from their trigger point injections. You may experience slightly more or less relief, depending on the severity of your injury. Lewis Pain & Physical Management will work with you to time out your injections to best manage your pain.
What should I avoid after treatment?

It's important to rest after your trigger point injections in Frisco, TX. As your body heals, avoid any strenuous activities for 1 — 2 days. These activities may include physical labor and high-intensity exercise, among others.

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