When to See a Specialist for Chronic Pain

By: Dr. Jerry Lewis


When Aches & Pains Shouldn’t Go Ignored

Whether you’ve had a minor injury or slept in an uncomfortable position—everyone experiences orthopedic pain every now and then. While some of these aches and pains can go ignored, others can negatively impact your orthopedic health if left unaddressed.

The experts at Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine are here to share some important warning signs that suggest your pain should be addressed by a specialist.

Pain Medications Aren’t Working

For many people suffering from persistent pains, medication is used to help address pain-causing inflammation. While this can help to alleviate these symptoms temporarily, it doesn't actually help to address the root cause of your pain. When the cause of your pain isn't being treated, your condition can continue to worsen over time.

When it comes to prescription medications, pain progression can lead to prescription drug abuse for a sense of relief. Unfortunately for many, this also causes addiction issues. In fact, roughly 25% of patients being treated with opioid therapy also suffer from addiction to their presence medication.

You’re Avoiding Everyday Activities

As pain progresses, it can make normal everyday activities like getting dressed, brushing your teeth, or climbing stairs seem like a mountain of a task. If you find yourself actively putting off certain activities or planning your days around avoiding certain behaviors to prevent pain, it may be time to consider professional treatment.

Pain is Affecting Your Sleep

For many people suffering from chronic pain, symptoms are exacerbated during activity. However, if your pain is still spiking when you're sitting, relaxing, or lying down, it can be a sign of something being seriously wrong that requires medical attention. The most evident sign that you should see a specialist is that your pain prevents you from falling asleep or staying asleep.

Pain Management Specialists in Frisco and Irving, TX

At Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine, we understand that aches and pains affecting the body can negatively impact your quality of life. Our team of pain management specialists and physiotherapists works with our patients to create efficient and effective treatment plans specific to their individual needs and goals.

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