Regain Comfort From Lower Back Pain With Rhizotomy Treatment

By: Dr. Jerry Lewis


Back pain is a nuisance, especially when it occurs in the lower back region. This pain can restrict your mobility and cause problems even when performing simple tasks. While numerous over-the-counter treatments help temporarily, a minimally invasive procedure may directly address your pain at the source. Rhizotomy is known for providing lasting relief and restoring your quality of life.

Below, Dr. Jerry Lewis discusses what causes lower back pain and how rhizotomy treatment works. Call Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine to schedule an appointment – we understand the importance of finding lasting solutions and will work to provide you with the best care in Frisco, TX.

What causes lower back pain?

The facet joints of the spine are responsible for supporting your back and providing movement. When these joints become damaged, whether through trauma or degenerative conditions like arthritis, they cause inflammation and pain. The pain may feel sharp, dull, or burning. Pain may also radiate down the legs and other areas, making it difficult to stand or walk for long periods of time.

Because everyone experiences pain differently, it is important to receive a correct diagnosis in order to determine the best treatment plan moving forward. Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine is committed to providing comprehensive care and will work with you to address any underlying conditions.

How do you diagnose lower back pain?

A consultation with Dr. Lewis is required to diagnose lower back pain. Our team will take your medical history, learn about your symptoms, and perform a physical exam to assess your range of motion. Facet and medical branch blocks may be recommended to determine if the facet joints are contributing to your pain.

A medical branch block is an injection that numbs the affected area. If the block works and your pain is reduced, it helps us confirm that the facet joints are contributing to the issue. We may recommend a rhizotomy treatment after a diagnosis is made in Frisco, TX.

What is a rhizotomy?

Rhizotomy is an innovative procedure used to manage back pain. It involves inserting a needle through the skin and into the nerve root. An electrode connected to the needle emits radiofrequency energy, cauterizing the nerve and preventing it from transmitting pain signals.

What happens after a rhizotomy?

Dr. Lewis provides detailed aftercare instructions so you can heal properly in the comfort of your home. Patients may require an overnight stay depending on the extent of their rhizotomy treatment. Pain and swelling are common side effects that can be managed with medications, ice, and rest. You should avoid strenuous activities for the first couple of weeks to allow for proper healing.

Patients should attend all follow-up appointments and report any excess lower back pain or discomfort. Dr. Lewis is dedicated to providing personalized care, so we will continue to monitor your progress closely and make adjustments to your treatment plan if needed.

Get a rhizotomy for lower back pain

Lower back pain caused by damaged facet joints can be debilitating, but it does not have to be permanent. If you experience chronic pain and over-the-counter solutions are not effective, rhizotomy treatment may provide the relief you need. Call Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine in Frisco, TX to schedule an appointment and see why so many people rely on Dr. Jerry Lewis for their pain management needs.

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