What Are Stem Cells?

Dr. Lewis discusses Stem Cells


Our bodies are fascinating, complex, and intricate machines, but sometimes injuries or age slow us down. The good news is that there are options to repair the injury, and in most cases, the injured tissue. Many patients that have aches and pains, whether it be joint pain, neck and back pain, tennis elbow, or even plantar fasciitis, could benefit from a procedure using stem cell therapy.

Stem cells are those remarkable biologics that can aid and speed up the healing process. Stem cells are the cells your body uses to initiate and promote healing. As you get older, these cells become less active and even less in number. The body knows how to heal itself, but sometimes it just needs help. With stem cell therapy, we augment the natural healing process with biologics and additional stem cells from the patient's own bone marrow. The treatment provides nutrients and growth factors to reduce inflammation and help the damaged tissue repair itself.