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A vertebroplasty procedure is used to treat compression fractures in the spine. As a minimally invasive treatment, vertebroplasty is able to alleviate pain and stabilize the fracture by injecting acrylic bone cement into the fracture. The cement fills the broken area in the bone in order to secure it. Dr. Jerry Lewis of Lewis Pain Management performs vertebroplasty procedures for patients who are experiencing severe pain from a spinal compression fracture. Not only can be the fractures be painful, but it can cause a loss of mobility. To learn more about vertebroplasty to treat spinal fractures, contact our Frisco, TX office today.


Spinal compression fractures are most often caused by osteoporosis, but they can also occur after injury. Other known causes include having a metastatic tumor, multiple myeloma, or vertebral hemangioma. A vertebroplasty procedure is only needed if the fracture is unstable or is causing significant pain. In some cases, the fracture may heal by itself, but individuals may still experience discomfort and pain. Dr. Lewis will take x-rays of the spine before determining if vertebroplasty is the best course of treatment.


A vertebroplasty procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia and is typically an outpatient procedure. Dr. Lewis will use an x-ray monitor to guide the needle into the fractured vertebra. He will then slowly inject the bone cement into the area. In some cases, more than one injection may be needed to completely fill the vertebra. Following the procedure, the patient may be required to lay on their back for about an hour to allow the cement to harden into place. Patients may also need to be monitored for a few hours after the treatment.


As a treatment option for spinal compression fractures, vertebroplasty can alleviate pain and stabilize the affected area. Dr. Jerry Lewis provides vertebroplasty to help improve his patients’ quality of life and allow them pain-free movement. This minimally invasive procedure can restore mobility when other traditional methods fail. Contact Lewis Pain Management to schedule your consultation if you are experiencing the painful symptoms of a spinal compression fracture.


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No matter the cause, joint, muscle, and tendon inflammation can be painful and affect movement. For many individuals, corticosteroid injections are a good option for reducing inflammation and alleviating pain. At Lewis Pain Management, Dr. Jerry Lewis can work with you to create an effective treatment plan that fits your needs. Contact our Frisco, TX office to schedule a consultation today.

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