How Epidural Steroid Injections Can Help You Recover From a Shoulder Injury

Dr. Jerry Lewis | 08/19/2019

When shoulder pain persists, epidural steroid injections may provide the relief Frisco, TX patients need to feel like themselves again.


In Pain? Why Opioid Pain Medication Is Not the Long-Term Answer

Dr. Jerry Lewis | 08/12/2019

There are other ways to treat chronic pain. Finding alternative help with a pain specialist can be life-changing and just what you may need


Pros and Cons of Bone Marrow Aspirate Treatment for Chronic Pain

Dr. Jerry Lewis | 08/05/2019

This cutting-edge therapy relies on the body’s own healing processes to restore proper function and eliminate pain.


10 Reasons Why PRP Therapy Is Used in Medicine Today

Dr. Jerry Lewis | 07/30/2019

Studies show PRP therapy is a safe and effective way for patients who suffer from chronic pain to get results.


Treat Your Carpal Tunnel Without Surgery

Dr. Jerry Lewis | 07/24/2019

Carpal tunnel syndrome is quite common. If you suffer from this condition here is some information on what you can do to get relief before surgery


Four Nonsurgical Ways to Improve Your Spine Pain

Dr. Jerry Lewis | 07/16/2019

There is no reason for patients in Frisco to suffer from chronic spine pain. Discover several nonsurgical treatments that may improve your symptoms


How to Find the Right Doctor to Help You Manage Chronic Pain

Dr. Jerry Lewis | 07/06/2019

The first step to managing your chronic pain is finding the right medical professional who can help you.


My Shoulder Hurts! Will an Epidural Steroid Injection Help?

Dr. Jerry Lewis | 06/25/2019

Can this help and what you need to know.


Pain Management: 3 things you can do to help reduce discomfort

Dr. Jerry Lewis | 06/15/2019

Back, knee, and shoulder pain can be relentless. Lewis Pain Management offers state-of-the-art treatments and therapies to alleviate the symptoms.


Avoiding Opioid-Based Pain Killers

Dr. Jerry Lewis | 06/11/2019

How Regenerative Medicine Heals and Treats Joint Pain


PRP Therapy-What It Is and How It Treats Joint Pain

Dr. Jerry Lewis | 06/08/2019

Life is short and living with pain isn’t fair while it affects your quality of life. PRP therapy can help so you can get back to living pain-free.


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